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Certification Programs
Sports Attitude Management
For elite high school, college, semi-pro, and professional athletes

Advanced Certification Levels
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Coach

Learn how to administer Real Life's proprietary 3-Minute Survey in digital and paper format and to interpret the results.

As a coach, you'll also learn the four quadrants of Attitude and how these shape human behavior.  You'll gain an understanding of how stress and distress can lead certain individuals to engage in compulsive, addictive, or destructive behaviors and how to help them ALTER these choices.

Lastly, you'll be trained in one of the four Real Life Coaching programs focusing on financial success, health & wellness, leadership, and relationships. Additional coaching models can be made available for an additional cost.  Contact our office for details.

Certification Fee: $999.00 + $69 / Month
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Trainer

As a Real Life Trainer, you'll take what you learned as a Coach and apply this to a group setting.  You'll learn how to administer and interpret the results to teams & organizations, as well as how to recognize how attitudes, beliefs, and choices can shift their productivity and overall performance.

You'll also receive training in how to use the Real Life methodology to improve hiring, as well as Team communication, cooperation, productivity, and results.  

Lastly, you'll be trained in two additional Real Life coaching programs, focusing on Career Development and Leadership.

Certification Fee: $2,499.00 + $79 / Month
Must be a Certified RLM Coach in Good Standing
Certified RLM Coaches are eligible to participate in RLM Trainer Certification
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Consultant

As a Real Life Management Consultant, you'll go even deeper into the world of Behavioral Psychographics.  You'll be trained to recognize the warning signs of compulsive, addictive, or destructive behaviors, as well as how victimization and violence can manifest in the workplace.  

You'll also be trained to help individuals who have a propensity for abusive or violent behavior recognize the triggers that can lead to poor decision-making so they are less likely to harm themselves or others.  
Lastly, you'll be able to take what you've learned and help organizations create safer workplace environments.

Certification Fee: $4,999 + $89 / Month
Must be a RLM Certified Coach & Trainer in Good Standing
Due to the Sensitive Nature of this Training,
RLM Consultant Certification is by Invitation-Only.
Eligible Candidates MUST be RLM Coach &
Trainer Certified for Consideration.
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Senior Consultant

As a Real Life Management Senior Consultant, you've demonstrated your worth and value as a RLM Consultant for at least three (3) years and helped your clients achieve "real life" results in their business and personal lives. You'll be trained to the highest level on our four primary methodologies (relationships, health & wellness, leadership, and financial fitness) as well as Executive Coaching.

As a Senior Consultant, you'll also receive additional training in our violence & addiction intervention models, as well as training in career development and an introduction to our exclusive Sports Attitude Management program.  You'll be fully equipped to expand into multiple markets, serving an even broader group of for-profit and non-profit organizations.
This is the highest certification level in the Real Life Management system, establishing you as an "Attitude Expert" in the marketplace.

Certification Fee: $9,999 + $99 / Month
Must be a RLM Certified Consultant in Good Standing, with a Minimum of 3 Years Experience
How Do I Get Certified?
Real Life Certification

Our certification program is delivered via our online learning management system, making it easy and convenient for you to complete the certification training process.  

We also offer LIVE, in-person group certification training for organizations, delivered over two days.  After your initial certification, there's a 90-day ALTER Methodology training series to help more fully immerse yourself ni the world of Real Life.

You're also eligible to schedule One-on-One Coaching Calls with one of our Master Trainers and to participate in periodic Group Coaching and Mentoring Calls, as well as attend special training events we host throughout the year.
Next Steps
OK, I'm Ready.  What's Next?

We currently offer four certification programs, each built upon the foundational base of the Real Life A+B+C Methodology.  Simply scroll up this page, select the certification program you're interested in, and click on that image to get started.  

Interested in more than one certification?  Contact our office for discounted pricing if you're interested in more than one certification, or want to add a certification to your existing Real Life credentials.  
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