Certification: Real Life Attitude - Real Life Attitude

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Certification Levels
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Coach

  • RLM Behavioral Psychographics Methodology
  • Administer and interpret the 3-Minute Survey results to Clients.
  • Four Quadrants of Attitude and How They Shape Behavior
  • Recognizing Stress & Distress Patterns
  • Compulsive, Addictive, or Destructive Behaviors
  • 10 Steps to Better Relationships
  • 10 Steps to Financial Fitness
  • 10 Steps to Health & Wellness
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Trainer

  • RLM Group Behavioral Psychographics Methodology
  • Administer & Interpret 3-Minute Survey Results to Teams & Organizations
  • Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices in a Group Dynamic
  • Improving Group Communication & Cooperation
  • Evaluating and Enhancing Group Productivity & Results
  • 10 Steps to More Rewarding Careers
  • 15 Steps to More Effective Leadership
Certified RLM Coaches are eligible to participate in RLM Trainer Certification
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Consultant

  • RLM Violence Behavioral Psychographics Methodology
  • Victims & Perpetuators of Violence in the Workplace
  • Warning Signs of Compulsive, Addictive, or Destructive Behaviors
  • Recognizing Abuse and Violence in the Workplace
  • Creating a Safer Workplace Environment
Due to the Sensitive Nature of this Training, RLM Consultant Certification is by Invitation-Only.
Eliglble Candidates MUST be RLM Coach & Trainer Certified for Consideration.
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