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Become a Certified Real-Life Management Coach

Coaches, trainers, and consultants add a Real Life component to their practice so they can get their clients better results in less time.  Why?  Because most coaches, while gifted in their area of genius, use a one-sized-fits-all approach to their training that ignores the individual learning and communiction style of their client(s).  

So, we help them, using Behavioral Psychometrics, understand how their clients think, prefer to learn, and desire to be communicated with so their training can be personalized and uniquely delivered in an impactful way.  

Bottom line, better outcomes for your client, more repeat business, and more referrals.  
Become a Coach, Trainer, or Consultant
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Coach

You'll learn the basics of RLM Behavioral Psychographics Methodology and how to administer and interpret the 3-Minute Survey results to your clients. You'll also become familiar with the Four Quadrants of Attitude and how they shape behavior, as well as understanding how stress and distress can lead to compulsive, addictive, or destructive behaviors that lead people away from your desired destiny.  
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Trainer

You'll go deeper into the RLM Behavioral Psychographics Methodology and how to administer and interpret the 3-Minute Survey for teams and organizations. Building upon the Four Quadrants of Attitude training from Level One, you'll learn the important role of Beliefs and how they also influence the Choices individuals make each day. You'll also gain additional insights into the role of stress and distress and how this reshapes how people view the world around them and alters their decision-making process.  
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Consultant

Suicide, domestic violence, rape, active shooter, and other high-risk and often tragic behaviors are usually looked at as separate issues.  They are interrelated, and strongly influened by our attitudes, beliefs and choices.  As a Master Trainer, you will go even deeper into the RLM Behavioral Psychographics Methodology and learn how to crack the "Violence Code,"  helping individuals understand the triggers that can cause them to engage in behaviors that are harmful to themselves and others and helping organizations create a safer workplace environment.
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