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Certification Levels
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Coach

Learn how to administer Real Life's proprietary 3-Minute Survey in digital and paper format and to interpret the results.

As a coach, you'll also learn the four quadrants of Attitude and how these shape human behavior.  You'll gain an understanding of how stress and distress can lead certain individuals to engage in compulsive, addictive, or destructive behaviors and how to help them ALTER these choices.

Lastly, you'll be trained in three Real Life Coaching programs focusing on relationships, financial fitness, and improved health and wellness.
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Trainer

As a Real Life Trainer, you'll take what you learned as a Coach and apply this to a group setting.  You'll learn how to administer and interpret the results to teams & organizations, as well as how to recognize how attitudes, beliefs, and choices can shift their productivity and overall perforance.

You'll also receive training in how to use the Real Life methodology to improve hiring, as well as Team communication, cooperation, productivity and results.  

Lastly, you'll be trained in two additional Real Life coaching programs, focusing on Career Development and Leadership.
Certified RLM Coaches are eligible to participate in RLM Trainer Certification
RLM Behavioral Psychographics Consultant

As a Real Life Management Consultant, you'll go even deeper into the world of Behavioral Psychographics.  You'll be trained to recognize the warning signs of compulsive, addictive, or destructive behaviors, as well as how victimization and violence can manifest in the workplace.  

You'll also be trained to help individuals who have a propensity for abusive or violent behavior recognize the triggers that can lead to poor decision making so they are less likely to harm themselves or others.  

Lastly, you'll be able to take what you've learned and help organizations create safer workplace environments.  
Due to the Sensitive Nature of this Training, RLM Consultant Certification is by Invitation-Only.
Eliglble Candidates MUST be RLM Coach & Trainer Certified for Consideration.
How Do I Train?
What Does Training Look Like

Our Certification program consists of 12-hours of In-Person or Zoom training, delivered over two days.  During your first 90-Days as a Real Life Management Certified Coach, you'll have a series of One-on-One calls with one of our Master Trainers.  You'll also be invited into our monthly group coaching calls, where you'll join with other Real Life coaches in a Mastermind setting to learn, grow, and ask questions of the group.
Next Steps
Schedule An Interview

The first step to becoming a Real Life Management Coach starts with an interview.

If you haven't already done so, we'll ask you to take our 3-Minute Survey and we'll review your results with you - showing you how we use this Assessment Report as the starting point of better understanding our clients and how to serve them at the highest level.

We'll also answer any questions you have and discuss Next Steps to getting you enrolled for our next training class.
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