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Thinner Waistlines, Fatter Wallets, and
Better Relationships, in 3 Minutes or Less
Become a Career Success Coach
A More Rewarding Career, in 3 Minutes or Less

Nearly 2/3 of workers say they aren't fulfilled in their work. Why?  They are not operating in the area of their greatest giftedness.  They are doing things they can do well, with some level of competence, but it doesn't give them a real sense of satisfaction.  If they do this long enough, they burn out and quit.

Sadly, most employers don't perform any preliminary assessments to identify and determine where an individual best "fits" within an organization.

When individuals don't know, and employers don't know, where they are best suited to contribute and be successful, it's no wonder most organizations are performing at 30-40% efficiency.
Identifying Strengths & Giftedness
What We've Learned About Career Satisfaction

Everyone is good at some things, but GREAT at only a few.  Understanding how we are "hardwired" for success is essential to finding a rewarding career doing something meaningful or fulfilling. Sadly, far too many people go to a job they despise, performing tasks they aren't GREAT at doing, wishing they were doing something, anything, other than what they are doing right now.

Using our Assessment tool, you can know the "Career Attitude" of a client or prospect in 3 minutes or less.  You'll learn the:

  • Areas of Greatest Giftedness
  • Career Paths That Best Serve Them
  • Careers They Are Good, But Not Great, At
  • Career Paths to Avoid at All Costs
More Rewarding Careers, in 3 Minutes or Less
What if your clients can discover where they can best "stand out" and perform at their best, and what areas they need to focus on improving in so they get the greatest reward for investing in themselves?  

As you take them around the Career Gameboard, you'll find them more open, transparent, and engaged. It's a non-threatening, "outcomes-focused" approach to engaging in successful career planning, helping them take control of their career and their future success.

And you're also providing them with Career Coaching, helping them better understand who they are, how to communicate that, how to work as an integral part of a team, and how to make good career choices that lead to a successful outcome.  

It's what sets YOU apart from your competition, uniquely positioning you as an authority figure, a career success expert, who can help them achieve their personal and professional goals, objectives, and dreams.

30+ Years of Clinical Research
We are pioneers in the field of Attitudinal Psychographics and Behavioral Intelligence. Over the past 30+ years, we've collected survey information on more than 1 million people, uncovering their areas of giftedness, competency, and stress.

We've learned how to read the internal "hardwiring" of the human brain, and how that influences an individual's attitude, beliefs, and choices.

And, we've also learned how we're "wired for success" and how operating outside of your greatest giftedness limits your potential.  When we know what we're best at doing, why would we settle for doing anything less?  

Armed with this information, our certified coaches can help their clients make better career choices, and learn to recognize the triggers that can sabotage their occupational success.  

How valuable is that for an individual or a family?

Give Your Clients More "Real Life" Success
Become a "Real Life"
Career Coach Today
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"Real Life" Career Success Coach Certification
Unlimited Access to RLM Behavioral Psychographics
Reporting Software System

RLM does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, religion, creed, or nationality.  
About Real Life Management
Real Lie Management is a human intelligence coaching, training, and consulting firm, with a primary focus on behavioral psychometrics and their impact on how humans think, process, and prioritize information, and how this alters under stress and distress. RLM's secondary focus is on identifying an individual's unique learning and communication style, as well as their propensity to engage in decision-making that doesn't serve them well in stressful or emotionally charged situations. Their tertiary focus is on performance enhancement and stress management.   
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