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Welcome to the Online Certification Center, where you can become a certified Real-Life Management speaker, coach & trainer.  The content on this site is intended for individuals who are interested in certifying (or are already certified) as a Real Life Management speaker, coach, or trainer. If you're already a Team Member, you can access Real-Life University, our coaching & training resource platform for certified speakers, trainers, and coaches. Attitude is at the heart of improving our relationships, finances, careers, health & wellness, leadership, and lifestyle choices. So why JUST be a life coach when you can be a Real Life coach and help people A.L.T.E.R. their attitude, alter their destiny, and achieve a better outcome in life?  
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"Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude in life."

Discover the Issues at Your Core

A.L.T.E.R. Your Attitude

Alter Your Destiny
Do SOMETHING about School Shootings,
Suicide, and Violence against Women!

Suicide, domestic violence, rape, active shooter, and other high-risk and often tragic behaviors are usually looked at as separate issues.

The truth is they are interrelated and determined by the Attitude, Beliefs, and Choices the public carries into every life situation. Real Life Management does what no one else can - quickly identifies at-risk individuals BEFORE they snap, while simultaneously improving work and home lives.

Don't believe it? Hear it from members of the U.S. Army.

Do You Want to a Better Outcome for Your Clients
Creating Lasting Results In Less Time?

If you're a coach, trainer, or consultant you're committed to serving others and helping them solve problems, achieve goals, or reach objectives.  But what if you could do that in such a way that you actually accomplish MORE, in LESS time, creating an EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE that exceeds their expectations?  

What would that be worth?

Does adding our 3-Minute Methodology to your practice make sense? Watch this brief video to learn more.  
Behavioral Psychometrics

Why should you consider becoming a Real Life Management speaker, coach, and trainer? Most coaching programs fall short when it comes to truly understanding the attitudes and beliefs of an individual that shapes their choices. They don't understand (or teach) behavioral psychometrics.

Obesity, debt, broken relationships, anger, fear, guilt, and addictive or compulsive behaviors are the EFFECTS of a person's attitude and beliefs.  Real Life Management gets to the root of identifying the CAUSE of an individual's behavioral choices, and how to help them A.L.T.E.R. them for the better.




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